Easy Apple Hand Pies with a Maple Glaze

Easy Apple Hand Pies from soul-beet.com

Easy Apple Hand Pies with a Maple Glaze// Healthy Dessert Healthy dessert?  Sounds suspect.  These easy apple hand pies are suspect, then.  Actually, these little pocket pies are a fantastic alternative to the beloved, buttery fruit pies.  I came up with these while I was destroying the dabbling in kitchen a few days ago.  I…

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Foods you aren’t eating, but should: part III

Foods you aren't eating, but should: Part III

Holiday season is now in full swing and I hope you thought about my earlier post .  In the spirit of gathering, the food is the fire around which we flock.  Don’t fear the food! I bring to you the third installment of Foods You aren’t Eating, but Should. Click here and here for parts I and II. Maybe…

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Weekly Collective: Vegetarian Thanksgiving Edition

27 vegetarian thanksgiving recipes

  Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving this year or you are welcomed to a friend or family member’s, chances are you are going to be preparing at least one dish to share.  Below are 27 healthy, carnivore-approved, vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes you may want to try!  Goat Cheese Dip with Red Wine Figs  // Vegetarian Ventures Crispy Sweet…

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To Hell with “Surviving the Holidays”

To Hell with "Surviving the Holidays"

Not to start on a negative note, but I cringe when people describe the holiday season as a time of “survival.”  Specifically, it’s the battle of the bulge I am talking about.  There are copious amounts of articles out there with “Tips to Survive Holiday Parties,”  “How to not Derail your Diet During the Holidays,”…

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