Weekly Collective: 1

Somewhere in the Easat

I bring to you my first weekly collection of blogs and such that I was particularly inspired by.  I’ve been wanting to share some of the bloggers that I have been following lately, because they rock.   

Spinach Crepes with Maple-Stewed Blueberries// Amiee shares her family food life with us at Simple Bites.  She is a wealth of knowledge and writes about what she learns while practicing some urban homesteading.

I am always looking for ways to incorporate more greens into my diet and this ingenious crepe does just that.  Even after being up late into the night with a sick kiddo, Aimee still managed to whip these up the following morning for her family, AND take the time to share it with us.   I will have a side of maple-stewed blueberries at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, thank you.

Tandoori Tofu with Spelt Flatbreads and Mint Chutney//  Mercedes over at Vegetarian Yogi is one of my favorite up-and-coming bloggers at the moment.  With us, she shares her life story leading up to why she decided to make a healthy change.  Her strength is truly admirable, given what she has been through.  You can check out her About Me  and learn about the hardships she has managed to endure.   Mercedes is empowered by her solid yoga practice, which clearly spills over into her everyday life.  

From a nutrition and academic stand point, I am thrilled that she has begun this blog so share her journey with us.  Particularly, she emphasizes the importance of maintaining a low glycemic diet.  This is something I feel is often overlooked but is critical to maintain.  

This  tandoori tofu recipe she has shared with us is very clever and would be perfect on a chilly autumn or winter night. 

Wine, Grape, and Fig  Ciambellone Roll Cake// The creative genius behind this Hortus is Valentina Solfrini.  She shares her recipes and breath-taking photography with us from the Italian countryside.  Envy does not even begin to describe it.  Luckily, her talent in photography brings the romance to us.   Valentina has spent time in New York City as well, however now, her home is among the fertile Italian hillsides.  

Like many of us, she made a lifestyle change when she realized her diet was the number one way she could improve her overall health.  She bridges clinical nutrition and the emotion of eating.  Valentina is proof that food can heal the mind, body, and soul.

This recipe, she admits, may not be graced with the halo of health but she does share a vegan option.  This is certainly my preferred way to indulge now and then, vegan or otherwise. She had me at “wine” but it only gets better after that. Quality ingredients, loving hands, and generosity are all involved in the baking of this unbelievable ciambellone. 

The Art of Lingering// Sandy Coughlin of The Art of Simple brings us this poignant post as we prepare ourselves for the holiday season ahead.   As the title suggests, she encourages us to slow down and be present in each and every moment.  We tend to have this perpetual “fear of missing out” yet Sandy reminds us of the importance to  enjoy life from where you are.  She includes three great tips to help create a little more lingering in your daily life.   

Uniform Travel Essentials Guide// There are so many things that I admire about Elizabeth Kirby and her blog, Local Milk. She shares with us her real life and raw insecurities.  Today, she is wonderfully happy where she is at but that was not always the case.  She shares her experiences with addiction, vulnerability, and mental illness.  She also points ou that she got through it and is now in a place of balance.  There is a certain eloquence and sorrow in the way Beth writes about her highs and lows that just makes me all full of feels.  

Beth’s photography is cool, dark, moody, and positively stunning.  She shares her life in many ways and this blog remains one of the most intimate narratives of her life and the food she fills it with. 

Beth is a vagabond at heart, and I mean that in the most wonderful way.  Home travels with her.  She relishes in nesting, no matter where she is.  Now, she has established a more stationary home but she certainly continues to foster her wandering spirit.  In this post, Beth details what essentials she brings along on her continuing adventures. 

Cinnamon-Pear Buckle// Julia of Orchard Street Kitchen is another health conscious foodie in the blogosphere.  I really hope one day she has an establishment named after her blog.  It sounds so quaint and inviting. 

If you read my previous post, you will already know that I frequent Julia’s blog.  I want to call her the “Queen of Salads” because she has so many great roughage recipes.   She is on a roll and I am excited to watch her blog expand even more. 

This recipe was actually from a few weeks ago but I just came across it this past week.  It’s all about rustic comfort served up in cast iron.  If you can’t tell, I’ve been into sweet things this week.  I have not made this yet but I just might have to for Sunday brunch.

That’s it!  For this week anyway.  Everyone has their own, unique writing and photography style, while all sharing the quest for nourishing food and experiences.

Sharing the love, from me to you.